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Go Against the Grain with a Woodworking Career!


Wood is one of the oldest raw materials known to man. It has been used for centuries to create functional objects as well as pieces of art. Since prehistoric times, wood has been used to make shelter, dishes, idols, toys, boats, and musical instruments, among other things.

What Does a Woodworker Do?

A woodworker is a professional or hobbyist that creates items from wood. Woodworking is often nothing more than a hobby for many people, and they spend their spare time toiling away in their woodworking shops. Some woodworkers, on the other hand, are able to turn their passion and hobby into a career.

What Special Skills or Training Should a Woodworker Have?

A career in woodworking generally starts out with a love for building and an eye for detail. Aspiring professional woodworkers should also have at least a basic knowledge of the different qualities of the different types of wood.

Woodworking can also be a bit of a dangerous career choice, so knowledge of and a willingness to follow basic safety rules is also very important.

Work Environment

Although working conditions vary from plant to plant, some woodworkers may encounter machinery noise and wood dust. Others work in modern plants with good lighting, active dust control, and sound deadening enclosures.

Workers use automated machinery, such as computerized numerical control (CNC) machines, to do much of the work.